Untill the late 60's Nickerie was not accessible by road.
The most common way to travel to Nickerie was by boat.
The journey from Paramaribo to Nickerie then lasted 14 hours.

Arrival of the MV PERICA in Nickerie (Tuesday and Friday morning)

Till the early 90's there was also a daily connection by air from Paramaribo, operated by Surinam Airways.
Due to economical crisis the operation was ceased.
In July 2007 Gum Air restored the connection by air with two retunflights weekly.
However, it lasted only a few months
The flighttime is approximately fifty minutes.

Twin-Otter at Nickerie Airstrip

Nickerie is the westend of the east-west road link.
The distance from the Corantijnbank to Paramaribo is 250 km and 400 km to Albina (east border).

Part of the east-west road link is the bridge across the Nickerie river
at Klein Henar polder

There is a ferry service between Suriname and Guyana, which was taken into operation on 31 October 1998.
The ferry which is named Canawaima, makes two crossings daily.
Point of embarkation in Suriname is South Drain, about 45 km south of Nieuw Nickerie.
Disembarkation in Guyana is at Moleson Creek.

Inauguration of the Canawaima

Posstamps issued in commemeration of the inauguration of the Canawaima

Southdrain terminal

Minibusses are ready at Moleson Creek to take you to the capital Georgetown

The alternative for the journey with the Canawaima is the so called "backtrack".
No scheduled crossings, but departure on demand.
Departures are anywhere near Scheveningen and arrival in Guyana is at Springlands in just 15 minutes.

"Backtrack" to Guyana

"Nickerie, na ini yu mi sa wani beri"
(from the lyrics of the song "Ay Sranan" by Max Nijman)

Angalampu (malvaceae)

Nickerie, the smile of Suriname

Nickerie, surely one of a kind!
Where in the world, would you find a place with names such as
Longmay, Nursery, Karang Anjar, Waterloo, Nanipolder or Paradise?

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cybernauts have touched Nickerie's soil so far.

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