The capital of Nickerie is Nieuw Nickerie (Suriname’s second city).
Nieuw Nickerie was founded on 8 August 1879, out of necessity, at the present location on the left bank of the Nickerie river.
It was built between the Waterloo and the Margarethenburg plantation.
The former capitals De Punt (1820) and Nieuw Rotterdam (1850), which were located on the right bank of the Nickerie river, were eroded by the sea (Atlantic Ocean), as the north-western part of Nickerie is under sealevel.

The post office at Oost Kanaalstraat

Dike, which is protecting Nickerie, in the early days

Construction of the dike started in 1942.
Since then it has been extended several times.
The dike has now reached a lenght of about 8 km.
It has already happened a few times that the seawater rose higher than the dike or made holes in it, causing the danger of flooding to become enormous.
One can drive along the dike from Zeedijk (near the lighthouse) up to the (old) Corantijn beach.
A reconstruction was started in 1996 and finalized in 2003.

The Dike is in good shape now and it is expected to stand the test of time
for the next 100 years

View from the street

Sunset at Zeedijk

Mobile snack bar at Scheveningen

I wonder whether Saminweg, a bystreet of Vuurtorenweg,
was named after the famous barber SAMIN

Nickerie is alive and kicking

Wet feet for the police officers in the Police Head Quarters,
caused by spring-tide on 9 September 2010

Nickerie's hot spot (corner of Gouverneurstraat and Emmastraat)